My Meager (But Hopeful) Beginning

As I am soon to take my final to obtain my Certificate of Jewelry Design, I finish my first jewelry project! Though a humble beginning, a hopeful one. I will be studying more and more and practicing as well. We will soon be empty nesters and I chose jewelry design and making as my hobby and profession. Although the materials in the above earrings are not genuine stones, I am looking forward to producing more and more quality upscale jewelry by using high grade materials…….these things take time.


In the meantime my shop is starting to take shape! I still have some rearranging to do in the shop room once my son moves out to make it fully a shop and office though….again, in time.


I came across the prettiest rendering of a rose colored stone setting! I printed it out and have it sitting on my easel for now as inspiration! I’m eager to gain more experience drawing these precious pieces of jewelry!

While my children were growing I spent that time at home with them being their mother and friend. I am looking forward to still being that no matter where they live. What a precious time for me watching them grow and being with them. When I was younger I studied and obtain a Certificate of Interior Design. I did a bit of consulting then when I worked at a local furniture store. When my kids were older I did a little more work here and there but found that the work was little needed in my area. So putting that behind me was a little sad. Now that I’ve taken up jewelry designing/making, it puts that spark back into my life to be creative! I’m enjoying learning something new and being able to share it with others. It opens the door to other things in connection with jewelry, such as accessories, fashion, and color! I hope that I’ve sparked your interest enough to want to follow me on my creative and learning journey and see where it leads me….and thanking God all the way!


Autumn Announcement

Autumn Announcement

My very first post is about discovering Polyvore! This is an ensemble I put together that embodies the feel of Autumn. Autumn has both warm and cool weather sensations. Like a marble. My two favorite seasons I like for buying clothes are Summer and Autumn. I hope you enjoy the ensemble. I’m only a beginner. I have much to learn yet about jewelry making and the jewelry industry, but it’s a joy! Stick around and journey with me…